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Shonneia M. Adams, affectionately known as “Coach Adams,” is a native of California. She has been walking in her purpose since 1998. Coach Adams specializes in taking her clients on a customized journey of purpose, for the fulfillment of one's destiny. Coach Adams’ personal and professional coaching services provide clients with tools to add to their backpack for their journey – enabling them to take their lives to the next level. Coach Adams is a Coach University, Coach Training Participant (CTP) and the Minister of Training/Global Master Trainer for B.O.S.S. The Movement/BOSS Global Inc. (Building On Spiritual Substance), teaching youth and adults the relevance of God and His word in meeting one's need for success through B.O.S.S. The Movement & Vertical Leap. Coach Adams is a Licensed Minister for The Family of Faith, Faithful Central Bible Church, under the leadership of Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer. Coach Adams is a group leader/facilitator of Discipleship groups on The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Stages of Faith by Pastor Don Willett. Coach Adams teaches on various spiritual growth and development subjects as a Champions In Training (CIT) Teacher.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are You Fueling Your Passions?!

Over eleven years ago I loss my father.   Loosing my father caused me to reflect and examine more deeply on my life and its meaning.   An immediate question that was raised was, would my life have significant meaning and make an impact?  You see, the reality that tomorrow was not promised took on a different meaning when I loss my father.  I knew I wanted my life to have meaning and to make an impact.  I just didn't know exactly what that looked like at the time.

There was a sudden flood of questions that surfaced and needed to be answered.  Like: Was I leaving a legacy and what would  my legacy be?  How would I like to be remembered?  What would be my foot prints, that I would leave the world?  How would my life impact the lives of others?   

I began to question  the true meaning of my life's journey?  What was I passionate about?  Ultimately, the biggest of all questions was, what was my purpose?!   I knew there was  a plan and purpose for my life.  I just didn't know what that looked like exactly.

As I began to search for answers, understanding that contained in every question is an answer, my search caused me to go deep.  This level of searching caused me to look deep within myself, unlike I had ever examined.  What I realized is that leaving a true legacy is birth through purpose. The harsh reality was, I wasn't clear about my purpose.  I wanted my life to have greater meaning and that was not possible without knowing God's purpose, because out of purpose comes passion.

Purpose is contained within our passions.  The question now to answer was, what am I passionate about?!  Passion is the fuel that drives us and gives our life greater meaning.  The key is to find what makes your heart sing.  Doing what you love!!  For me it's speaking, training, motivating and empowering others.  Fuel your passions!

Passion drives one beyond!!   Beyond your bank account, beyond your circumstances, beyond what you have, beyond what  you don't have, beyond your education, beyond your borders, beyond your environment, beyond.  It's that pearl of great value that when discovered you hold it so dear.

What are you willing to do solely because you enjoy doing it? What is it that you do and you may or may not get paid for doing? You do it because it's your pearl, it's what you are passionate about?  Tap into and discover this and you will open the door to your God-given purpose and release  your passions.  Live a life that is passionate and fuel your passions!
When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!   
~ Matthew 13:46 (NLT) 

What is your pearl of great price?! 

Masterfully Motivating, 

Shonneia M. Adams, Coach Adams
Empowerment Coach 

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